Dyspareunia or Painful Penetrative Sex

Women can experience pain during intercourse either around the entrance to the vagina or deeper inside. If you are suffering from Vaganismus it is common to experience dyspareunia as well. It is important to establish what kind of pain you are experiencing e.g. burning, stinging or sharp and where about in your vagina you are experiencing the pain. Other conditions which may cause pain are Vestibulodynia e.g. Pain experienced when light touch is applied to the vulva area and Vulvodynia e.g. spontaneous pain in the vulva region where no touch or pressure is apparent.

There are both physical and psychological reasons why women experience pain during sexual intercourse or sexual stimulation. Some of these are lack of lubrication either because of loss of desire or menopause or medication, extended periods of sexual stimulation, sexual position, medical conditions, contraceptive devises not fitted correctly and relationship issues.

Other sexual difficulties which can occur alongside Dyspareunia (painful penetration): Vaginismus, Vestibulodynia or Vulvodynia (pain associated with the external genitalia), Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Disorder and Delayed Ejaculation.

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