Personality Difficulties

Personality-DifficultiesLiving with personality difficulties can be a real struggle as a rollercoaster of emotions can make it difficult to maintain close relationships, form new relationships, manage your own emotions, behave consistently and consider the feelings of others.

Some young people have deep rooted personality difficulties associated with negative childhood experiences. This can lead to distorted beliefs, emotional outbursts and irrational behavior which can be distressing and may upset others.

Therapy can help with:

  • Examining and challenging unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours which contribute to symptoms of depression, shame and anxiety.
  • Controlling emotions
  • Identifying triggers that increase stress
  • Creating emotional stability in your life
  • Improving relationships and communication skills with others
  • Insight and understanding of the contributing factors to having personality issues
  • Developing coping strategies specific to you.

Morency Therapy provide personality difficulties counselling for South Birmingham and Worcestershire, including Alvechurch, Barnt Green, Bromsgrove and Redditch.