Premature or Rapid Ejaculation (PE)

Premature or Rapid Ejaculation can affect men at any age and at any stage in their relationship. It is important to understand the difference between the dysfunction and a man’s or his partner’s preference for ‘last a long time’ in order to feel sexually satisfied. The average time from penetration to orgasm is 5 minutes. The level of couple satisfaction is more important than how long a man can ‘last’.

Primary Premature Ejaculation is described as all or nearly all penetrative sex last no longer than 1 minutes. There is little evidence of a physical reason for somebody to have this problem. For many men in this situation their fear of having no control over their ejaculation and it happening too quickly increases their anxiety and adds to the problem as they become over focus. If you have always masturbated very quickly (rushed or fearful of being discovered) you will not have learnt any ejaculatory control. Your body will have become accustomed to your way of having sex. When faced with a partner when arousal may be heightened it becomes difficult to maintain control over your ejaculation. Secondary Premature Ejaculation may become noticeable as the time between penetration and orgasm getting shorter over a period of time or in a new relationship when there had been no previous sexual difficulties.

While not as common as Premature Ejaculation in men, some women also suffer from premature orgasms. Again as with men this can cause distress for the individual and the couple.

Other sexual difficulties which can occur alongside Premature Ejaculation: dyspareunia (painful penetration), vaginismus (inability to have penetrative sex), vestibulitus or vulvodynia (pain associated with the external genitalia).

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