This is a condition that affects women. During attempted penetration of the vagina whether it be with a tampon, an internal examination, digital stimulation or penetrative sex the muscle of the pelvis and vagina spasm resulting in the vagina being ‘closed off’ making penetration impossible. Again as with other sexual difficulties this can present as a primary condition – always being like this and sometimes including the inability to penetrate the vagina with tampons and fingers as well as a penis.

This results in painful attempts at penetration and so will make it harder to attempt penetration in the future. Unless there are other dysfunctions diagnose such as dyspareunia, vulvadynia other causes of painful sex the cause is rooted in past traumatic events, negative ideas about sex or problems in the relationship. In cases where the woman has previous enjoyed penetrative sex the condition may have been triggered by sexual trauma or relationship issues.

Other sexual difficulties which can occur alongside Vaginismus: dyspareunia (painful penetration), Vestibulitus or Vulvodynia (pain associated with the external genitalia), Premature Ejaculation.

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