The benefits of minimalism during a time of excess

The benefits of minimalism during a time of excess

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…
It’s Christmas again! While many people enjoy this time of year more than any other, others struggle with it for a variety of reasons including family difficulties and loneliness. Even those who love Christmas can feel pressured to experience a perfect Christmas. Others may spend a large quantity of money or engage in binge eating or drinking that places them under financial stress or causes unhappiness later.

However, is excess a necessary part of Christmas? There are key benefits to minimalism of possessions and lifestyle throughout the year including:

  • Having fewer personal belongings can lead to a tidier house which can make you feel more relaxed and organised
  • Having a less busy schedule can help you to feel calmer, be more present in the moment and enjoy life more
  • A greater sense of purpose, self-confidence and an increased sense of who you are as a person
  • More financial freedom
  • More time to spend with people you truly love and therefore improved relationships
  • More time to engage in activities you want to
  • Being free from comparisons to others
  • More rest and therefore more energy
  • Improved health and wellbeing through moderation with food, alcohol and other substances

Minimalism at Christmas
If you already pursue a minimalist lifestyle or are thinking about having a minimalist Christmas, try the following strategies:

  • Instead of shop-bought presents for your loved ones, give gifts of experiences or time spent together. Such gifts can mean more and allow you to spend time together and create memories
  • Alternatively focus on homemade presents that convey your love and affection, or gifts of nature such as plants. Such gifts are usually cherished for longer than material consumerist possessions
  • Prepare your friends and family by explaining that you will not be buying commercial gifts this year and ask them to reciprocate
  • Focus on the food and drink that you truly enjoy over the festive period. While you may eat or drink more than usual, try to remain mindful while doing so. Are you eating the chocolate because you are really going to enjoy it? Or are you continuously mindlessly eating because ‘it’s Christmas’?
  • Consider your wrapping choices. Wrapping paper is often not recyclable and more reusable options such as fabric, newspapers or scarfs can help the planet. Alternatively, present bags can be used many times
  • Create your own decorations. This is a wonderful opportunity not only to be minimalist but also to embrace your playful mode
  • Use potted, loose fallen branches, collected from your local park or a potted plant you already own instead of a Christmas tree. Alternatively, if you have a tree in your garden decorate that instead of bringing one inside
  • When buying gifts try to focus on what people will love, rather than how much you have spent

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Happy Christmas!