Online Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is important, as every person is unique and so are the difficulties they experience and consequently no particular style of therapy is suitable for everyone – one size does not fit all!

Individual Psychotherapy
Individual Psychotherapy

As a counselling psychologist and integrative psychotherapist, I am trained in a number of different therapeutic approaches (humanistic, psychodynamic, existential and cognitive behaviour therapy). In collaboration with you my aim is to create the best treatment approach to suit you personally which will enable you to understand and overcome your issues and move forward in life in a positive and more contented way.

Therapy offers you a space to explore not only here and now difficulties but also past issues, helping you to recognise, understand and stop destructive patterns of behaviour, relationships or attachments. Psychotherapy can also be helpful if you experience a general unhappiness or dissatisfaction with life and don’t really understand why.

You can learn more about yourself in therapy and explore various aspects of your life and your feelings, talking about them freely and openly in a way that is rarely possible with family or friends.

Bottled up feelings of shame, anger or anxiety can become intense and therapy offers an opportunity to explore these feelings, making them easier to understand by exploring their origin, contextualising them and considering the appropriateness of their presence in the here and now. You can examine behaviour or situations which are troublesome at home, socially or in the workplace and find a new path where it is possible to initiate positive long-lasting change for the future.

I believe everyone has untapped potential and therapy can help tap into this, empowering you with a sense of purpose and meaning in your life.