Testimonials from Clients and GPs I have worked with

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Female GP

“When I first saw Julie , I was a mess. Ground down and overwhelmed by life and work, full of self-loathing and plagued by recurrent and intrusive negative thinking that was ruining my life. Julie quickly diagnosed burnout and stress into which I had no insight, amazing as I am a GP and see this stuff all the time. We worked together exploring the past and how maladaptive, passive and placatory behaviours picked up as a child were so negatively impacting on the present, and started making positive changes aiding my journey to recovery. Julie was always available, and provided prompt, email support in between appointments which was very helpful. So thank you Julie, you have changed my life!”

Female GP 22nd March 2021

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Sarah, London

“Julie has honestly changed my life for the better. Without her I would have continued to struggle with damaging emotions and exhaustion for much longer than I did. Thank you so much Julie. You are truly an angel.”

Sarah, London 19th February 2021

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AS, Worcestershire

“After suffering from depression/anger/anxiety for a lot of my life I was eventually introduced to Julie by my GP.  This was around August 2018 and within weeks I was feeling better in myself than I had ever felt before.  I have gone back to see Julie a couple of times since but Julie has turned my life round.”

AS, Worcestershire 18th December 2019

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Andy, Warwickshire

“I contacted Julie after starting to experience significant anxiety whilst travelling. This had the potential to be a major problem for me as my work involves a significant amount of travel and I therefore wanted to resolve it very quickly.

Having never experienced this before in my life, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Julie was amazing, working with me in a very relaxed and often humorous way to help me gain a better understanding of what was causing my anxiety and ultimately enabling me to work through my issues, whilst helping me to manage my anxiety effectively.

I was very fortunate to have found Julie and I’m sure I will continue to turn to her for help when needed.

Thank you Julie, for all your help and support.”

Andy, Warwickshire 27th December 2018

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Marc, Tardebigge Bromsgrove

“I contacted Julie at a time when my life was beginning to unravel due to severe anxiety and frequent panic attacks. Working together we analysed the causes and began to develop a better, more optimistic, thought process which would help me to resist the demons and bring back normal life. Over about a year we gradually succeeded but it was quite painful and I soon realised that therapy is not a magic pill to bring immediate results. It needs perseverance and a receptive, understanding, expert therapist with a sense of humour. I was very fortunate in my choice of Julie.”

Marc, Tardebigge Bromsgrove 25th September 2018

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Sarah, Warwickshire

“Dear Julie, 
I wanted to write to you personally to thank you and show my gratitude for helping me understand and work through my issues. When I came to see you earlier in the year I was struggling big time with many issues related to my past that had inwardly created this invisible person that sat on my shoulder following me around creating havoc in my life, giving me personal low self esteem, work concerns, whispering hugely negative things to me about myself and my life in my ear which were ruining my otherwise happy life, you helped me understand he was not real, helped me understand I was not going crazy, helped me understand the cause of this problem, therefore unravelling and making sense of why I had come to being this frightened insecure, negative person. 

After weekly therapy over a period of time I’m back again Julie!!!! You have helped me no end, the voice has gone and the whole experience felt very warm and secure and safe during our meetings as you have that lovely caring and fun personality. 

I am more grateful than you will ever know and realise. Thank you Julie.”

Sarah, Warwickshire 18th September 2018

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Mandy, Henley-in-Arden

“Hi Julie, I came to see you a couple of times last month and I just wanted to say thank you to you for putting me on the right path with feeling a bit lost. I have now passed my compulsory basic training and have my first ever motorbike and loving it!!! It has made me so much happier! Many thanks to you.”

Mandy, Henley-in-Arden 24th July 2018

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Rachel, Birmingham

“I came to see Julie in 2017 following the worst experience of my life of losing a baby in pregnancy and it triggering an anxiety problem. Thank you Julie for all your help last year as without you and your guidance I wouldn’t have been able to make the changes I needed to make in order to move on. I recently had a baby girl Evie and without your guidance I think I would have gone a little crazy in my pregnancy and subsequent birth of Evie. The techniques you taught me helped me keep level headed and deal with what life threw at us throughout the difficult pregnancy. I can’t thank you enough and just wanted to show my appreciation by updating you and I believe that without your help I don’t think Evie would be here today.”

Rachel, Birmingham 16th May 2018

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John, Barnt Green

“I can truly say that meeting Julie and working with her in therapy helped me in so many ways. Very many thanks Julie for the time we spent together, you are witnessing the impacts this has had on me.”

John, Barnt Green 11th April 2018

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Karen, Alvechurch

“The therapy I had with Julie Hannan has greatly contributed to healing my life – unconditional, hugely caring, and ‘always there’ approach. I will always be indebted to her, for the great joy and healing she has brought to my life.”

Karen, Alvechurch 11th April 2018

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GP – Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

“Accessible, cost effective and helpful, we’ve had nothing but positive feedback from our patients.”

GP - Bromsgrove, Worcestershire 28th October 2016

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Dr David Pryke, Churchfields Surgery Bromsgrove

“As a local GP for over 20 years I have referred or recommended many patients to Morency Therapy services. Those patients have found the service to be friendly, accessible, discrete, prompt and efficient and have benefitted immensely from the professional therapy and advice they have received”.

Dr David Pryke, Churchfields Surgery, Bromsgrove 7th January 2016